Haunted Places From Around the Upstate

An ever-growing list of place around the upstate with accounts of paranormal activity.

Please Note: Nothing has been confirmed. If anything is or has been found true or false, a note will be made of it. We take no responsibility in the actions of others and will not be held accountable if any persons are injured or arrested. Many places listed are patrolled and trespassers will be prosecuted, arrested, or detained


Greenville and Surrounding Areas

Gaffney - Blast Battle Ground - During clear nights, at about midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. When you look outside, you here it, but you can't see it. Go back in and wait a few minutes, then go out. You will see people fighting and drawing swords, shooting with cannons and guns. If you talk, move sudden, or run, there will be creatures running after you, they look human, but they have bloody teeth, cuts on their throat, crawl fast, and say in lowly, old voice, "I lost, But I'll Get You For It!!" Many people have reported this sighting and some have been severely injured. They act as if they are protecting something, or someone, from you. The people are unknown, but.....the war is somehow, familiar. The place is located down the road beside Crestview Church, on Hwy 11, and take a right, there will be graveyard, that is where they are. Be warned, Never stop your car or walk by there at night, There might be severe consequences.

Gaffney - Blast Cemetery - During clear nights, about at midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. You can't see it but you can hear it, look back out in a few minutes and there will be people fighting and screaming. If you talk, jump, or run there will be people with red eyes, bloody teeth, and voice that says, "you are a killer, you must die." There have been many sightings of this encounter, many have been severely injured, some, however have disappeared. Do not stop near this place, there will be severe consequences!

Gaffney - Chain Gang Road - When you go down on the Old Chain Road you can here voices of girls moaning and screaming. These girls were the victims of the Gaffney Strangler.

Gaffney - Cherokee Falls - Down in Cherokee Falls near Blacksburg there is a thing no one knows what he is but everyone who has seen him calls him "Booger Jim". he will haunt you if you go down in Cherokee Falls on the side of the road. He is half man and Half cow.

Gaffney - Draytonville - every once in awhile people see this white dog on Carson Drive, but that doesn’t seem to scary until it stands on two legs and comes at you.  This thing whatever it is was first spotted 6 years ago and is still seen to this day by residents of Carson Dr.

Gaffney - Leroy's Bridge - In the 60's a serial killer named Leroy Martin murdered several women in Gaffney, SC. Dubbed "The Gaffney Strangler", Leroy dumped the bodies of his victims in various locations around the county. One of these sites is a bridge just off HWY 329 in Gaffney, the place where the first body was found in a shallow creek under the bridge. It is said that if you walk across the bridge at night you can hear the sounds of a girl moaning in pain and begging for help.

Gaffney - T-Bridge - it is said that if you run across the t-bridge with out stopping a car will come behind you with no one in it. it is also been said that if you stand there for 10 minutes you will see an old lady carrying a basket, and that if you walk up to her as you getting there she will disappear

Greenville - Children's Graveyard - A graveyard behind a gas station near Furman U., mainly for children. Tombstones range from the late 1700's to late 1800's. Lights, laughter, running sounds.

Greenville - Embassy Suites - Lights turn on and off at random. Doors fly open. During construction (Which was halted for almost 2 years when investors pulled, after staying on the grounds and then leaving abruptly.) many reports were sent in to Greenville police department that someone was staying in the rooms because the lights were on in the building. No electricity was on in the building at the time. PD responding to repeated calls secured the area- and still received complaints. The Golf course has three places that will NOT grow grass. Wailing noise has been heard on the course, followed by foliage disturbances.

Greenville - Old Tuberculosis Hospital - Update: also known as Devil's Castle - Has since burned down - Reports of footsteps that break into a run, then screams, on the first floor. On the third floor feelings of being pushed accompanied by loud clattering in the hall and items moving, and apparitions. Singing has been heard- Formerly listed as Taylors - TB Asylum then a work release prison, & Travelers Rest - TB hospital/Insane Asylum.

Greenville - Route 107 - this is a ghost of a young man named Larry Stevens (commonly known as The Hitchhiker) who's plane crashed on Route 107 during the 1950's. People have seen a man on dark and rainy nights walking along Route 107 and disappearing.

Greenville - Tanglewood Middle School - In the 1950s, after the schools construction, a girl was killed in the Girls Locker Room. From legends told you can see a dark shadow slamming the girls locker room door, many people have saw this acclaimed shower. In the boys Locker Room the showers will go off and on by themselves, and occasionally a locker door will slam. Also, the lights will go off automatically. The sixth grade hall, on rainy days you will see wet footprints made by no one when your alone. Also, there is rumor to be a lower sixth grade hall in which a mad man entered and killed nearly every student, the blood on the walls is said to seep through the fresh paint. The lower sixth grade hall was said to be buried after the incident, and tops of door frames have been found.

Greenwood - Brewer Middle School - Supposedly a cheerleader was killed under the gym stage after a game by a football player. She now haunts down there near the furnace.

Lyman - Lyman Lake - They say back in the old days around Lyman lake that there was a party there and a girl got raped and killed down there. If you go out there around like 12:00 at night you can hear a girl screaming and sometimes (very rare though) you can see a faint glowing light over in the trees.

Woodruff - Seven Devils Bridge - This is a haunted bridge which many account, cannot be crossed on the stroke of midnight. Those who have tried to do so have broken down, screaming and crying uncontrollably. The bridge is near the price house and it is passable only by foot.





Spartanburg - Broome High School - Many teachers at Broome high school have told the story of a construction worker that helped build the school and had to bring his daughter to work with him one day. They were on the newly finished roof and the girl wasn't paying any attention as to where she was going and walk off thee roof and was killed. If you are up at the school at night really late you can hear the cries of a girl screaming for her father. Many teachers have experienced this. No students, yet. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - Clifton – The Old Mill House - Rumor is the owner of the plantation killed his family, then himself. Footsteps have been heard, as well as doors being thrown open. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - Converse College - Hazel B. Abbott theatre - resides the ghost of Miss Hazel.  She is not too friendly.  You definitely feel a cold presence, and if you sit in her seat, you will be haunted for a while. People have heard strange noises in the prop room, etc. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - Converse College - Pell Hall - There are several occurrences on campus.  There was one student who lived in Pell Hall in the early 1900's.  She was going to sneak out of a window to meet her fiancée and go elope.  He swore that if she jumped, he would catch her.  He didn't catch her and now you can see a woman in a white dress running down the hallway to meet her lover. Also, there was a girl in the 1950's named Betty Payne.  She hanged herself off the door in her room.  The door has been repainted and replaced numerous times and no matter what, you can still see the outline of the rope, noose, and the outline of her body.  She is a fairly hostile ghost.  She has locked people in her room before.        -Unconfimed

Spartanburg - Converse College - Williams dorm - there is a ghost in the laundry room of a little boy who used to live here when converse was a boarding school campus.  He is very friendly. -Confirmed ( Alumni tested the theory out and got one eerie response back.)

Spartanburg - Converse College - Wilson Hall - there is a stairway to the bell tower.  Legend has it that two men were arguing up there and one was pushed off.  This is a ANGRY ghost.  The door to the bell tower is locked.  The ghost is said to have red eyes.  I personally have not seen it, but one of my classmates did.

Spartanburg - Converse College - Evans Building  The Evans Building was originally a black high school, and later was turned into an office building. There is still a basketball court there, where from the upper balcony you can hear the squeaks of tennis shoes and the sound of dribbling late at night. Footsteps have also been heard in the hallways. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg- First National and Citizens Bank (Now..Chelsea's Consignment Shop)  Early 1900's A young immigrant working was killed in the basement during the installation of a Vault in the basement. Over the years the Angry spirit has been seen multiple times.

Spartanburg - Foster's Tavern - Sounds of horse hooves on the roof, voices and footsteps on the stairs have been heard. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - Hell's Gates - (Oakwood Cemetary) Hells Gate is an older cemetery located in the heart of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Strange things like having a cell phone give a busy signal, when it was later confirmed that the line that was called was NOT busy. As well, we have seen many odd and unexplained lights within the woods of the graveyard. Trying to take pictures and the flash wouldn't work. Apparitions of children and a whitish mist. Hearing footsteps behind you and no one is there. Shadowy figures lurking about then dissappearing.. Equipment going dead immediately after putting in new batteries. Strange Sounds. And a Very Eerie Feeling like your being watched                     !*WARNING*! - Do not, and i repeat do not... go here alone or at dark.. there has been several encounters with very hostile satanist that will push you out of the graveyard, so i urge you if you feel the need to dare enter this location be careful, be aware, and be with someone or a group!!
-Confirmed.. too bad the recorder messed up mysteriously, we are working on new samples tho...(here's one for ya try explaining listening to an evp and in the middle of the recording the file dissappears.) New Update- We've down several run throughs since and we've caught some very weird shadows and some really strange pics. check out our photo collections

Spartanburg- Inn on Main- built in the early 1900's purchased by the alexander family. Family lived here for quite some time. Now it is a Bed and Breakfast here in Spartanburg. Mrs. Alexander, herself, has been felt and seen by a number of guests through the years

 Spartanburg - South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind - Haunted by the ghost of Martha Walker. Walker was the tough, stoic woman who took over running the school for a few years during the Civil War. Her ghost is said to still roam the halls of the school's historic main building checking rooms to make sure the students are o.k. Students, Faculty, Alumni and even the schools current female President all say they have experienced Martha's presence. -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - the Tanning Yards - Reports that a mischievous ghost is supposed to be out there.  -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - Spartanburg Methodist College - Willard Dormitory - Supposedly a student jumped out a window in Willard Dormitory and died. Many people say that they see him walking the halls very late at night and he has also been seen standing at the window he jumped out of.                    -Unconfirmed

Spartanburg - TB Hospital - Recently Torn Down - Originally a sanitarium for people stricken with the disease. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people died within its walls. Strange occurrences have been reported. Unfortunately last year it was torn down, but reports are still saying the noises stay. -Unconfirmed

 Carmike Cinemas - E. Main St - Numerous accounts have come in from this place so we will be checking out.. It sits beside a graveyard and supposedly up under the cinema is a tunnel that goes to the old autopsy room of the graveyards. So we will be looking into. - Unconfirmed


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