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In the Beginning….


Case Number: one

WestGate Spartanburg

Date: 8/07

This is an old abandoned house out in the Westgate Area. Around about 50 years ago there was a mass amount of murders in a hidden room below the surface of the house; deep into the basement all these massacres took place.  Tyson and Matt armed with just a camcorder and a voice recorder head deep into the lost bowls of the old run down house. Thorough walk through of the house brought up nothing at first. But after hearing a clearer version of the story they decide to find this hidden room that can change you forever; Are there any spirits here? Is there a presence here that would like to be known?  We will find out soon enough….. And this was the beginning of the Spartanburg Paranormal society.


FINAL THOUGHTS: *anytime you go on an investigation to try to catch any kind of paranormal phenomena keep in mind to have plenty of batteries because if you do encounter a place that does have any entities your equipment will be drained and it does happen!*


 Case Number: Two

Oakwood Cemetery AKA Hell’s Gates

Location: East Side Spartanburg

Date:  October 2007

Founder Matt, Tyson and Investigator Gabe were told by many people to check out the cemetery known as Hells Gates.

The team headed out armed with walkie talkies, flashlights, digital voice recorders and one camcorder. What they came back with was stories of things that happened but not much evidence was caught.

The team reported seeing lights at the back of the cemetery where a little boy had supposedly fell to his death while his mother visited a nearby grave. Legend goes you see almost dancing lights where the cliff is where he plunged to his death and hear childish laughter almost taunting you to come play with him. Also reported were mysterious solid like shadows seen around various graves. The team reported that all digital voice recorders were drained upon being in Hells Gates for a brief amount of time.


FINAL THOUGHTS: *The case of Oakwood cemetary will never really be closed because this location is a favorite for the team. When it comes to investigating a cemetary, you always have new and undiscovered things to experience. Although  it is said that a cemetary is not a place to find spirits, because usually a spirit remains where its strongest emotions were left. That is why hauntings in graveyards are harder to prove.*



Case Number: 3

Olde Clifton Mill Cemetery

Location : Converse, Spartanburg SC

Date:  Febraury 2008

The Gang head out on numberous tales of activity to this old graveyard by the, shut down mills out in the Spartanburg woods. Armed with two teams of three the gang steps foot on the supposedly haunted land.  First steps onto the land we can see this is an olde abandoned lot that has been run down for years. Most of the markers have been here since the early  1900’s if not before. Cameras and recorders ON. We began our first sweep of the lot, each team doing their on side; seeing by chance is there anyone out here willing to make contact.  First sweep… I say, failed… We did however have personal expeirences but no hard evidence, so the team switched sides and tried again. Once again, We both had personal experiences and this time were able to catch something.. Unfortunately it was merely orbs. But, I’ll take what I can get. Is there something here? Maybe not this time. But we will find something.


FINAL THOUGHTS: *You can not always expect to find something on your first visit to a location just because you don’t find something the first time doesn’t mean that the location does or does not have paranormal activity. Many locations that we investigated on occasion has given us more activity rather than other times, they did not. Paranormal investigating is all about your aproach to the situation, always go in with an open mind. Remember it is not about proving or dissaproving its about discovering the truth.

Case Number:  4

File name: The Past Revisited 

Location:  downtown Spartanburg.

Date: August ‘08

Taken place soon after the team called lights out, EVP recorded on location on several occasions, handprint appeared when no one was around when confronted and asked if anyone made it you hear a voice on the digital recorder that was not heard at the time of questioning.

At location in downtown Spartanburg a member of the team had their flashlight on after lights out and it repeatedly turned on and off by its self.

The following happened in  a room  we’ll just call it 200 Matt asked “Have you been here a long time?” a few seconds later unexplained noise like a person beside him breathing heavily into the recorder when no one was behind him or around him. At a later time in the same room he asked the question, “Can you make yourself known?” and you hear a voice that wasn’t present at time on the recorder saying the reply “Get out”.  The other members were in nearby rooms but no one had said anything at that time.

Matt continued to ask questions and while asking never heard any kind of reply until the recorders were analyzed afterwards. He asked the question “Do you not want to talk to us?” and you hear unexplained noises that isn’t discerned as any particular sentence or words.  Can you tell what is being said? sounds like "Dont Want To" to us..

The shop has a room that had a guitar left In it  and the members sit down in the floor and a member named Mark asks the question if it can imitate a repetitive tap  sound he made, but no reply; then Mark asks again can you make any sound at all and they heard a loud “THUMP” and the floor creaked in the next room over when all members were present in that one room and at that time Matt’s compass started spinning once again.

FINAL THOUGHTS: *when a compass spins out of control like that it is believed that the compass picks up on the magnetic field that a entity may use to manifest itself.  Along with any other kind of energy that can allow them to be known.When using equipment make sure to get a good feel of them before taking them on an investigation and any time you buy new equipment test them out. Make sure to take the proper equipment with you. *

Morgan Square Mystery Case File End… On to the next case..


Case Number : 5 

File name: Everlasting Love

Location: Mccollin SC

Date: March 2009

On this case the team had been called to attempt to capture the evidence of the families grandparents that are dear but not yet departed. On this case, We have a new member coming along. Will Thompson, our newest investigator-in-training, Along with Will, Leaders Matt Lovinggood and Tyson Vaughan, and Investigator Gabe Earle Head off Making sure to bring plenty of equipment to this case the team sets out on the hour and a half trip up to the family. Taking with them Five camcorders, Four DVRS lots of tapes and digital cameras the team is hoping to catch what this family is constantly seeing. Upon arriving the team gets briefed by the home owner. The grandparents on numerous accounts have been seen or heard around the house. We assure her there is nothing to fear and with her permission begin setting up our equipment making sure to cover the most active spots in the house. Once the team is left alone its. LIGHTS OUT. Immediately the team begins there two man team investigations. After many personal experiences from the tv turning off on command to voices and to the feeling of being touched. We have alot of Footage and alot of Recordings so Lets hope we find something.

Update: After reviewing all footage we were only able to find the tv going off on command. But we still had high hopes for the Voice Recorders. 

After Carefully reviewing all recorders we were lucky enough to get one EVP. Better one than None, I would say. 

In this EVP the new inestigator has a tie to the family here and we were talking about his departed grandparents. During our Conversation you are able to here a female's voice discreetly say "Hey, Billy."  Which was Will's Nickname growing up.

Closed the Case and onto the next one. With new tactics, Members and thoughts in mind we roll forward to unwinding this puzzling mystery of those not ready to pass.

Case Number: 6

File name: Training Excercises.

Location: Hell's Gates, Spartanburg South Carolina

Date: October 2009

The team heads out to the oakwood cemetery once again. This time new members are along for some much detailed training. Not only for the new members but for the rest as well. This time the team also has along some new, much needed equipment; K2 Meter, and Emf (ElectroMagnetic Field) with temp gauge. As the team wanders around the cemetery they split off into two different teams and head off to search this massive cemetery in hopes of finding the unknown. Myself along with Gabe and our new guy head to the back part of the cemetery, while Tyson heads off the other team, with dave and Marlie they head off to the children cemetery. No sooner than as they started closing in, we got a call over the walkie talkie asking if we were close to them. I simply replied, "no, we are in the back part. What's up?" Apparently they ran into something glowing that looked like flashlights pointed towards them. They thought it was my team. It was not. They reached the childrens area and the K2 started acting eratic. Not only did they see odd lights, but then they heard sounds. Children to be exact. As if they were laughing. they combed the area to find no one else there. What exactly was going on that night of the full moon in oakwood? What was awakened that evening in the midst of that dark night? They quickly pulled out there digital cameras attempting to take as many photos as possible and thats when they started having problems. Each camera that had a full battery instantly started going dead after a couple shots . They try to get ahold of my team and even their walkie had died. What was going on that evening? My team however didn't have much luck. We did however get odd spikes on the EMF and caught one very interesting photo located on the photos page. After catching up with the team and hearing what happened we decided that it was time for an end. The new equipment proved quite useful and proves to be exciting to use on our next real case. But what was really going on that starry night?

Final Thoughts:

Even in death children still wanna play. whether in life or death they just want to have fun. But for what reason? Why would their spirits not want to rest in peace? who knows. only time will tell in this instance. Til next time.

I hope you join us in october for the Spartanburg Ghost Tour, Brought to you by Main Street Trolley and SCPI.

Stay Tuned for more Case Files coming soon as our team  Grows..

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