All about us and What we do...

 Alright guys, here is the Who, What, Where, Why, and How of our group. Learn everything you need to know about us right here.

Who are the SCPI GROUP?

We are a group of experienced paranormal investigators based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina who have been investigating and researching into reports of spirits, poltergeists, and paranormal activity individually since 2006. Our investigation team has been well selected of very trust worthy individuals.  We are individuals who bring professionalism, personality, and confidentiality with years of experience in the field of paranormal research. We understand that in your times of fear it may be difficult to call someone like us, but we will always respect your right to privacy.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and will return regularly as we add new information. We also invite you to participate in our forums about ghost hunting and paranormal phenomena at our forums page located to your left hand side.  It's easy to register and become a member, and it's free!

What exactly do we do?

We investigate and document reports of spirits, poltergeists, possessions, hauntings, and paranormal activity in South Carolina using electronic equipment and recording devices to rule out natural causes for reported unexplainable phenomena.
We bring recording devices to your home to capture evidence of paranormal activity only, but they are only used with the consent of the homeowner. We will never share or publish any details of the case outside of the SPCI group, for more sensitive cases only our founders will be in charge of that information. The only reason we may use any details at all in our group is for training sessions to show our new recruits what they may or may not encounter. Your privacy will never be violated.

Our Mission: Collect verifiable scientific evidence of the documentation of the existence of the human soul remaining after death while informing and helping people understand and cope with the possible paranormal existence of activity in their homes or places of business before, after and possibly even during an investigation.

Where do we do our investigations? 

We offer our investigation services in upper South Carolina and the surrounding areas only. We offer our services free of charge to anyone in this area who is in need of a paranormal investigation conducted by an experienced group of individuals who always keep the homeowner's or business owner's concerns and best interests in mind. We are not Sell Outs and will never use your distress for our personal gain. We mean with everything about who we are, that we indeed are here to help.

How exactly are we funded and what do we charge? 

We do NOT charge for our investigation services. You would be surprised how many groups believe that it is unethical for anyone to charge for a paranormal investigations. When we say we're here to help; We really mean it. If you are experiencing possible unexplained phenomena in your home or business, we recommend not allowing anyone to do so, if offering a fee..  Give us a call, your friendly neighborhood ghost hunters. Serving South carolina and areas of North Carolina. Visit our Contact Us page for info on how to get in touch with our group.

We do however accept donations to help further our research and equipment into this field. If you are interested in any donation big or small please visit the contact us page.


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